Have you ever felt lonely as a business owner or executive?

Not sure who you could trust or who would even understand the stress and pressure you are under on a daily basis without putting yourself in vulnerable position?

Do you wish you had a mentor who has been through it before you and could give you feedback on a big decision you have to make or simply just be a sounding board?

This is where Sue steps in as your business coach, mentor, and confidante.

- - -

Understanding the rollercoaster ride that is building and running a business, entrepreneurship, and holding a c-level executive position in business while managing what is going on in your personal life, Sue has been there and is here to help you through it.

As a business coach and mentor Sue provides a safe and confidential space for you to have real conversations about topics such as but not limited to:

  • Examine and explore the big questions related to your career, business and life

  • Tackle the challenges you are facing that hold you back from your becoming your best self in business and life

  • Identifying and dispelling the limiting and negative beliefs you have convinced yourself are true

  • Re-defining what success looks like to you in this chapter

  • How to find joy and purpose in both your business and personal life

  • Building Beyonce’ like confidence, resiliency while waking up your mojo who decided to take a nap

  • Identifying and understanding the difference between what you think you want and what you actually need.

  • How to make time for self care and meet back up with that person you were before the career, family, and chaos

Sue cherishes the relationships she has with her coaching and mentoring clients as she guides them in finding the answers to their biggest questions while overcoming their greatest challenges.

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