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Business Consultant - Sue Izzo

Consider me your personal CEO, Mentor, and Therapist wrapped into one.


Having built a successful sports management agency and multiple businesses over the past 20 years with her former clients Sue knows what it takes to build and grow a profitable business. As a business consultant Sue works with her clients in a three (3) month 1:1 program to identify where they are stuck, provide tools and resources to break through areas of stagnation, help create a roadmap for growth and teaches her clients how to build confidence to help them rise like a tsunami wave. Sue’s no-BS approach to business coaching includes a kick in ass with a hug.

Areas of assistance include but not limited to:

  • Effective marketing strategies to become the obvious choice

  • Identifying and removing limiting beliefs - Discover and celebrate your bad-assness

  • Create a business roadmap outlining the steps needed to achieve quarterly and yearly goals

  • Accountability, accountability, accountability…did I mention I hold you accountable?

  • Create and implement systems so your business does not fall apart if you are not there

  • How to not only embrace and navigate change but learn to thrive from it - Become anti-fragile

  • My rolodex of resources and contacts - This is worth gold and diamonds galore

The How:

  • 90 minute initial deep dive call/meeting

  • 1:1 40 minute weekly business consulting sessions

  • Check-in emails to help you keep momentum

  • One (1) 30 minute session per month with experts in specific areas you need (Sales, Funnels, PR, Social Media)

  • Confidence and leadership coaching to help you thrive in the competitive business landscape