Do you feel uncertain about what to do next to grow your business, what to prioritize or even how to do it?

Are you frustrated, feeling like you are in the same place you were last year with your business?

Have your marketing efforts plateaued and the strategies you implemented are no longer attracting customers?

Do you desire more structure and systems in your business so it can make you money when you are not there?

Are you tired of feeling stuck and ready to build your ideal business?

I am here to help you stop this cycle of frustration right now so you can build the business and career you want. Consider me your CEO for Rent. Having successfully navigated the issues above over my 20+ years owning my sports management agency (think female Jerry McGuire) and managing life’s crazy curveballs in the process I have the proven expertise and know how to help you get from where you are in your business to where you want to go. I provide my clients with a cheat sheet, along with practical and tactical tools to create a business they are proud of while holding them accountable with unwavering support.


Business Consultant

Having built multiple successful businesses including a sports management agency, event and entertainment properties, as a business consultant, Sue provides a vast depth of knowledge and expertise to her clients. With a focus on marketing and brand positioning Sue collaborates with businesses to identify and/or re-examine their Why, strengthen brand positioning, implement effective marketing strategies, develop and incorporate systems to allow for more freedom while increasing their bottom line and growing their customer base.

Keynote Speaker - Storyteller

Sue is more than a speaker, she is a storyteller. Passionate, bold, and uniquely Sue, her keynotes combined education, inspiration and a whole lot of laughing. From keynote topics such as how she succeeded as the female Jerry McGuire, kicking cancer in the butt while running a business, female leadership to how to build confidence and become anti-fragile, Sue speaks from her wealth of personal and professional experiences. While providing tactical tools and key take aways Sue takes her audiences on a journey of laughter, light bulb moments and empowered to take action.

Business Coach/Mentor

Because much of our life is tied to our businesses and careers Sue works in a one-on-one capacity with clients taking a holistic approach to their professional and personal fulfillment, happiness and success. Sue provides a safe environment for business owners and executives to feel supported, encouraged, and motivated as they explore topics such as getting unstuck, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, building confidence, joy, re-defining purpose and more. Sue combines her personal and business experience to help her clients identify and navigate their biggest questions.


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Let Me Help You Help You

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If I were to start a new company Sue Izzo is the first person I would call. Gracious but tough, charming but with whipsaw intelligence, energy and confidence, absorbed in the mission, humble and totally fixated on helping others succeed. And she never stops smiling.”

- Bob Mcknight Founder of Quiksilver

Sue Izzo Marketing Consultant

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Sue Izzo is a sought after female keynote speaker and storyteller. Sue combines humor, education, inspiration and tactical insights. Topics include female entrepreneurship, marketing and branding, being the female Jerry McGuire, and the key to developing a success mindset to name a few.

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